Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • List the possible sources of nitrogen in the environment and state a potential impact on the aquatic environment

  • Draw the Lewis structures and molecular shape diagrams for the typical nitrogen species present in a freshwater environment 

  • Describe the steps required to sample freshwater for total nitrogen analysis

  • ​Determine the total nitrogen present in a sample using data obtained from the TN analyzer 

  • Students will complete a mind map following the frames below to demonstrate their knowledge

  • Students will draw Lewis structures and molecular shapes of typical nitrogen species in freshwater

  • Students will include a paragraph explaining their results and explaining their choices for the mind map

This lab is designed for a 1st year undergraduate chemistry class. It is a practical lab requiring students to take knowledge they have previous learned and will learn from the introduction of the lab and apply it to the real world. It focuses on the effects of nitrogen in a freshwater ecosystem, what are the sources of nitrogen and how it can affect the aquatic life. Below are the Learning Objectives as well as a short overview of how students are assessed.

"Pond"ering Water Quality: Total Nitrogen in Water

Grade Level: Undergraduate​